Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Food Intake And Your Body's Health - How The Foods You Eat Affects Your Health

When you're eating food do you only think of it as a way to satisfy your hunger and feel good, or do you also pay attention to the effect the food you're eating would have on your health? It is very important that you become fully aware of the nutritional properties of the foods that you eat and the effect they'll have on your body's health.

Diet Can Help Prevent, Cure Or Manage Certain Diseases 

Experts have discovered a long time ago that there is a firm link between the foods people eat and the incidence of many diseases that is plaguing the western world such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. It was also discovered that some diseases can be entirely prevented with correct nutritional planning, while the risk of developing others can be tremendously reduced with the right diet even when other circumstances such as hereditary, age and gender are present as risk factors.

Diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes can be hereditary, and as a result, would cause some people to be more prone to being affected. However, controlling your diet carefully, together with getting the right medical care, can achieve remarkable results in the prevention, management and cure of many such disorders.

Food Gives Your Body Energy 

Food also provides energy for the body to do everything including performing any type of physical activity. This energy storage in food is known as calories. An excess consumption of calories can lead to weight gain which can negatively affect ones appearance, as well as, lead to many disorders and diseases. However, you can avoid weight gain by eating just the right amount of calories that's required for your level of physical activity and maintaining your body. And you can lose weight by consuming less calories than your body uses up.

So while the calorie content of food is critical for providing your body with energy, if you eat too much calories they'll be stored as fat. The idea is to include more healthy nutritious foods in your diet, and eat less of the foods that are high in calories and low in nutritional value.

Best And Worst Types Of Foods To Eat

Proper balance is the key to healthy eating, however there are some foods that have multiple health benefits while other types of foods can have multiple bad effects on the body. Fruits and vegetables are the best type of foods to eat. They contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are required by the body for protection against diseases and maintaining good health. Health professionals recommend that one should eat fruits and vegetables regularly to maintain tremendously good health, at least 5 portions a day should be eaten.  Fruits and vegetables are also very low in calories so they would not lead to weight gain easily.

The worst type of foods to eat are foods that are high in sugar and saturated fat content. Sugar and saturated fat help many diseases to build up in the body and they also lead to fat gain very easily.

I hope that this has enlightened you to the fact that the foods you eat daily does much more than just satisfy your desire to eat. In case you're not doing this as yet you need to start monitoring your diet and ensure that you're eating an integration of healthy foods from all the various food groups in the right proportion. Remember, most health disorders can be completely eliminated or drastically improved by just a change in your eating habits.

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