Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Is Diet or Exercise Easier To Lose Weight?

Both diet and exercise are critical for losing weight. It's really important to get this straight before getting the idea that either one can be neglected when trying to lose weight. A program that uses both diet and exercise to lose body fat is always the best choice for effective weight loss.

However, a simple evaluation would show that it's easier to lose weight with your diet more than exercise. Why? Let's look at the points that backup this claim.

You Can lose Weight by Simply Dropping The Amount Calories You Eat

Whatever number of calories you are able to eat less than you need to maintain your body should lead to weight loss.

If you need 2000 calories a day to maintain your body and you eat only 1000 calories, under normal circumstances, your body should burn 1000 calories from stored fat which would lead to weight loss.

If you are to burn 1000 calories with exercise, it'll require working up a good sweat for a long period of time.

Dieting Does Not Require Work, Just Controlling Your eating Habit

You do not really have to perform any physical work at all to lose weight with diet. All you need to do when you are on a diet plan is to empower yourself psychologically to be able to strictly control your eating habit for weight loss to happen.

Exercising to lose weight on the other hand requires a lot of physical output and much devoted time from you. Also, the intensity at which you exercise matters.

To lose weight effectively with exercise, you must be working your body really hard like running on a treadmill or working out hard on an exercise bike.

So, isn't it easier to control your desire for food than working your body hard to shed some pounds? However, controlling your diet plus exercising at a high intensity level is the most effective way to lose weight.

This article simply intends to point out why it's easier to lose weight with diet, but if you really want to get the best weight loss results, don't compare diet and exercise, instead combine them in one program for tremendous results.

However, based on their circumstances, some people may need to lose weight mainly by dieting. If this is your goal then I recommend going for a really effective and reliable diet plan that will really burn the fat.

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